an easy, tailor-made payment solution for school fees.

Become a cashless school with .

Partner with families to improve financial literacy among students.


 ZAAP is designed to help tweens and teens learn good money habits with increased independence.

  • ZAAP is designed to help tweens and teens learn good money habits with increased independence.
  • ZAAP is a prepaid Mastercard for school age children that can be school branded.
  • Students can use their ZAAP anywhere that accepts Mastercard: 35 million outlets worldwide and online. Great for school premises, at the school office, uniform shop or canteen as well as on the way to and from school removing the need to carry cash.
  • ZAAP is administered, monitored and controlled by parents. Parents set the limit and their child can’t spend more than what is loaded on to the card.
  • ZAAP can be completely branded with School colours emblem and can double as a Student ID and Access card.
  • Secure with PIN Access if required.
  • Optional: Students can choose to add a wearable band.

How does  work 

Students with ZAAP


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How to benefit from


Cashless School

Become a cashless school with ZAAP and, in doing so, reduce administration, save time and money for your school. Remove lost and stolen cash among students.


It's secure, ideal for students during sporting trips, camps and other excursions - even overseas!

Great for boarding houses

Raise money for your school

Generate revenue for your school to use on students resources. 1$ per month per active card.

Boost student's financial literacy

Enables schools to partner with parents to boost their children's' financial literacy through helping them to learn about saving, spending and budgeting.

No cost, quick and easy!

It's proven, easy to implement and there is no cost to the school.


Pay Schools

Convenient way to pay for school expenses. They can load funds at any time e.g. for an adhoc excursion or on a scheduled basis to ensure money is always available.

Kids Independence

Children have increased independence, feel recognised and become financially responsible.


Quick and easy to apply for, no lengthy forms or credit checks.

Check up on kids

Parents can track how their child is using the card.


Complete visibility of spending.


Safer than cash and secure with certain merchants blocked (alcohol, gambling, adult) and no cash access via ATMs.

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