an easy, tailor-made payment solution for school fees.

School Easy Pay and TASS Integration

Improve efficiency and reduce financial admin with Parent Payment Schedules

Leading TASS schools already benefitting include:

Case Study - Genesis Christian College

Discover how School EasyPay and TASS combined to make payments faster and easier for both the School and parents.

School fees are easy with TASS and School EasyPay 

The TASS and School EasyPay integration makes the task of implementing and operating Direct Debit and Payment Schedules easy and beneficial for both your school and its families. 

For Schools

School initiated payments

School EasyPay puts the school in control, with the certainty of when payments will be received from parents.

Reduced late payments

Implementation has been shown to reduce late payments by up to 40%. It also means as a school you get paid faster.

Collect fees automatically

Direct debit improves process efficiency and can improve cash flow by up to 11%.

Forecast accurately

Implementing direct debit allows schools to accurately manage and forecast finances.

For Parents

Easy parent set up

Parents can easily set up their payments in Parent Lounge so the school doesn't have to send forms or set up payments.

Increase direct debit uptake

More parents paying automatically (by bank or card) means you get paid faster and have less parents to chase for one off payments.

Parents manage own account

Parents can easily update their bank or card details in Parent Lounge so you don't need to handle this sensitive data.


Everything is done within TASS and Parent Lounge with no new systems or logins for you or parents.

Easy Set Up

Step 1

Complete a one page form

Step 2

We will have you set up within 48 hours

Step 3

We send API details to you and TASS

Step 4

You're ready to go!

We will customise the integration with your school to suit your needs

  • One all-inclusive processing fee based on card or account.
  • School can decide to:

    • Pass on processing fees to parents (No cost to the school); or
    • Absorb processing fees
  • Replaces MSF and gateway fees you pay to the bank / provider.
  • Processing fee (excl. GST):

    • Cards: from 1.2% to 1.68% based on card type (Visa, MC, Amex)
    • Bank Account: 0.46%
    • Other fee options available based on volume and school requirements.
  • There are no separate costs:

    • No setup fees
    • No separate Merchant Service Fees (MSF)
    • No gateway or monthly management fees 
    • No separate transaction processing fees
    • No training or service fees
    • No minimum transactions
    • No lock-in contracts
    • No IT costs
Using TASS and School EasyPay
Secure payment system

PCI DSS Compliance

  • Parent’s card and banking details need to be handled securely
  • Schools need to ensure that their systems and processes are PCI DSS compliant.
  • PCI DSS compliance cover handling, storing and using card data.

School Easy Pay

  • Level 1 PCI DSS Compliant – highest level.
  • Card or bank details never enter the school r the school’s systems
  • Card or bank details are not stored by TASS
  • Also provides you with RBA surcharging compliance – we charge the processing fee directly to the parent (or you).

Any queries? 

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